Inspirational Overdose

by Roman aka jar

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Searching for Inspiration? For the right idea or just some interesting links?
This seems to be the right place for you today. Here goes a collection of interesting links I found during the last months. I enjoyed them and I do you will too!

Painting Demo - Greg Dubuque
Report about Crisis 2012 on Corvus' Miniatures
WH40K great Inquisitor gangs
Julien Casses making mud
Think Tank: How to paint musk
Another Seargent Corwinn spotted!
James Gurney explains a color theory method
Check this base, wow!
Monkeyman7x talks about metallics

The Diorama World
Pumpkin Painter from Austria 
Paul Keefe - my Work
nice Interview with Camelson
nice Interview with Derwish
Istanbul is painting too! Thumbs up!
Always worth a view: Think tank!

Gandalf Street Magic
Batman can't stop thinking about sex
Halo 4 - Cinematic Intro
Hitman 5: Absolution - Trailer
falling falling
Alternative Tarzan
Monopoly Undead Edition
Abandoned: Paris Subway Stations
Rad Cars with rad surfboards on them
Amazing black and white photos of Vintage New York
Abandoned Vintage Cars
Step by Step - building your own N7 Defender Armour
Star Destroyer made from cardboard
Best Dancer in the world?


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