BANANALICIOUS Painting Contest - Prize Pool Update!

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Hello fellow painters,

the final date for your entry is closing in ... soon!
Beware the contest ends on February 15th 2013!!

The number of entries is daily increasing, right now we have 34 entries to all categories.
That means there are already a lot of figures, because of teh display rules of the Fantasy category and the Historical category. 34! We are looking forward to much more as we got 56 positions of prizes right now that will be handed out. 56 without the medals you can earn! So take your brush and all your energies and bring your entry on. Right now, we can garantue that every participant is able to win something!!

On the subject of winning something I got brand new bananalicious news for you out there!

A big thanks to for two special prizes.
Some cool sockets for the "Best Fantasy Display" and the "Best Historical Display".

Two positions added also to the Random Prize Pool.
You might remember Wonderlands Projects succesful Indigogo campaign about "demons". We got 2 brand new Blood Demons for you out there! Thanks to Wonderlands Projects!

If these ain't good news, I never heard some other before!
Now grab your brush and some fine music - get it on!


Many thanks for all the help of our sponsors:

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