Noisy Jungle riot - Finished Miniatures

by Roman aka jar

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Yesterday the jungle was filled with silence.
From silence comes strength and silence can be very powerful we learned yesterday by the quote of Lao Tzu. I do love contrasts and as yesterday silence was the issue today the contrary will be. What about a little jungle riot? :D

My favourite Song of the last days ... pretty old School Hip Hop, but at least it is still Hip Hop:

Let's get over to a figure I have recently finished. 
It is meant as a gift to Matt Cexwish as an exchange figure, maybe you remember the cool skater girl Matt did for me? Figure is from Wonderlands Project and the little girl is by Privateer Press. It tells a little story even it is a tiny diorama. It could even be a historical figure, doesn't it? What is your oppinion on that? Does he look like Mr. Abraham Lincoln?

Wonderlands Project, Privateer Press, 28 mm

Another figure finished and the result was a CSM from WH40K as a gaming piece. 
A lot of fun to start but when it comes to the armour parts of CSM I really always lose motivation because of too much things happening on these figures in my eyes. I first planned to write an article with this figure but I lost track of it. Sorry. Article is in prep, but with a different figure. I ask for your patience.

Chaos Space Marine
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Next one up is another gaming piece I did for fun. 
I was fascinated by the face which is from WH40k Imperial Guard Catachan's sprue and really enjoyed working on this character, even the colour choices are not usual for my painting.

Empire Soldier
Forgeworld, 28 mm

Last figure for now.
Planned as a gaming piece too but here and there I took more time as the figure and its details really brought some fun. A little Lizardmen Skink Chief howling for War on a jungle base.

Skink Chief
Games Workshop, 28 mm

During watching the figures you might have realized that we are using different backgrounds at the moment. We are in the middle of some testing with great photobackgrounds from Hangar 18 Miniatures (thank you, Lili!). You will find a review of some of them soon here on your jungle station.

Stay tuned and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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