Kong's WIP thoughts - January #05

by Roman aka jar

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Again it is time for another Kong's WIP thoughts.
First of all I want to share some information for those of you who are not on facebook - I quote myself from there:

"Stickers for our Book Supporters arrived, we got plenty! Books are soon in re-read by a native speaker and after this is done they finally will go to be printed! Hooray! We have to apologize for the long waiting time and our delay, but we totally underestimated the work and the responsibility such a big project carries. We are on it and you will all be happy when the books arrive, we can promise you that. Thank you for your patience and your support!"

Next one up is a comission work I am starting these days. A Space Marine again. One where I am free to do what I like. Right now he looks like an Ultramarine from the color I choose. I already know the other main color of the armour parts and it is white, so it could really become an Ultramarine in the end. Will do a base step-by-step for him. Stay tuned!

Another piece I started is a gift to one of my buddies, Bene. We enjoy playing the computer game Battlefield 3 sometimes and together with Raffa and Peter we team up very well. So this is a little homage to BenjitheKing, my fellow warrior brother. Not totally done yet, as I plan to intense the OSL and contrasts. Figure is from Hasslefree and is meant to be painted that way as this looks pretty close to the BF3 theme. Thanks, Mr. White for such nice sculpts!

Well, yes - I did finish Wonderlands Projects bust of Seargent Corwinn lately. 
Stay tuned for a detailed posting about it in the upcoming days.

So far from my WIPs - meanwhile my Yu Jing army arrived. They are all silver still, but future might change this :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes



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