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News from Miniature Mentor 
- just dropped in and still hot like a monstrous flame,
me is just quoting:

"Get ready to add tremendous impact to your miniatures with Franceso Farabi's Freehand Techniques. Inspired by his world famous Centigore and Gothic Marine.

Francesco guides you through the complex art of creating stunning freehand designs that have won him numerous Slayer Swords. The 4.5 hour video tutorial covers the making of an ultra cool werewolf/vampire banner. You'll learn techniques that can be applied to all surfaces of your miniatures including banners, weapons and armour. Available now as an instant download.

Below is a rough schedule for our 2012-2013 roadmap and our progress so far.

1. Javier Gonzalez : The Violinist (cmon: Arsies) - filmed - coming Jan 2013.
2. Alex Varela : Abbysal Lord (cmon: Iguazzu) - filmed
3. Matteo Murelli : Sven Hammerfaust (cmon: Mu) - filmed
4. Matteo Murelli : Basing Volume 2 - filmed
5. Alfonso Giraldes : R.A.F legend (cmon: Banshee) - filmed
6. Sebastian Archer (cmon: automaton) - preproduction

Also coming 2013...

The Complete Guide to Miniature Anatomy

Over 1 year in the making, this absolutely massive tutorial will be the most complete and comprehensive tutorial on anatomy period!!! We're flying our master sculptor half way across the world to study anatomy with the world's greatest masters. There he'll perfect his already incredible skill and bring it to your living rooms.

Soon miniature sculptors everywhere will have an ultimate resource from which to learn the complex art of anatomy.


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