Worms and Workshop Report on Magabotato

by Roman aka jar

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Good Morning Jungle visitor,

today I can finally show you the finished Worms Prototypes Raffa and I did on comission for future Toys. You might get yours soon at Gaya-Entertainment. A lot more will be painted in the way we did the prototypes. This project really was a new experience and really a challenge in some ways. We hope you like them. All in all we did 8. Four small, four big.

Something else but less important for all german readers is a little video report about the last Painting Class in Hamburg via Magabotato who visited us 2 of 3 days during the class. The report starts at the last 40% of the video but for sure feel invited to watch it all. Thanks to Magabotato for their interest in the class and the reportage :)

Painting class Report on Magabotato - german only

Have fun and read you soon, maybe :)
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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