Review: MV's Basing Classes

by Roman aka jar

Basing is a very important part when it comes to miniature painting.
Not only a gaming figure benefits from a nice base as we all know. When it comes to display painting the base is where you set the athmosphere to the figure or even tell a story there.

Following you can find reviews of MV's basing classes:

Jar's Basing Class 
Roman's class about basing composition, includes changing/switching
topics with different, very specific material aspects in the future.
Learn to build bases like never before.

Topic: After the Apocalypse, nature strikes back!

Topic: After the Apocalypse, nature strikes back!

Matt Cexwish's Basing Class
So far Matt held his basing class only once, where he shows his very creative
approach to create bases with a lot fun!



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