Nice Weekend!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

Last weekend was the miniature painting class from Stephan Rath and I want to write down my impression of it.

This is the first painting class that Roman and me visit together as participants, so it promised to be a really relaxed and nice hobby weekend.

The arrival on friday was very cool, meeting many of our friends, known faces and some new guys!
Stephan is a very friendly guy and the atmosphere was really relaxed!

Friday started pretty quick, after the introduction we got our miniatures from Stephan.
He already removed the mold lines, basecoated them black and put them on a special painting sockel (some really neat thing!).
After a quick theoretical part we could start painting. Roman and me tried to follow Stephans steps as close as possible to get the most learning effect. Really a funny and nice experience.

After several hours of painting and theoretical learing parts it was time to relax and go to bed... unfortunately many participants had way too much fun and could not put away their brush... so we endet up going to bed pretty late which we regreted the next morning.

The day started with some painting, theoretical and practical teaching about "multi-layering", glazes, thinning color etc. ... and then more painting! We all painted very concentrated while Stephan was helping out where he could.

The plan was to start with freehands on saturday night, but as many people were already pretty tired and exhausted from the day we just painted more on our miniatures, I had a good run so I was able to finish my mini on saturday night... after the painting we had a nice sit in, some good talk and some nice hours :)

Sunday started with some theoretical part about painting freehands, it was very refreshing to see some new ways and the freehand that Stephan gave me was a big challenge....
The other participants were also challenged with their motif but in the end it all came out pretty cool!
And after some "minutes" (felt like it) the day was already over and Roman, Bene and Me made our way home :)

So, this weekend was a pretty cool experience, trying out new stuff is always refreshing, especially as a more experienced painter as new ideas are hard to come by.

But the nicest part of the weekend was seeing so many nice people, many friends and the nice atmosphere!

I hope you liked it too if you were there, if not, maybe take your chance ;)



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