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by Roman aka jar

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Lately I was in the mood to paint some new releases of GW's Undead Characters. I did plan to keep the paintjobs simple and just enjoy painting them beside bigger projects so the quality of the paintjob is in fact not the best or something ultrafency - just gaming miniatures and I think for this cause they'll look ok :)

First there is the "Swamp Lich King".
I just named him that as he looks like he came from a very swampy area to bring fear amongst the humans of the Warhammer Fantasy Empire Country.

Swamp Lich King
Games Workshop, 28 mm
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Next there is a Banshee from the same range.
A Stalker of the foggy night who hunts down loving couples and night in those old barns and stuff ...

Games Workshop, 28 mm
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Nothing ultrafency as said. I hope you like them even they are only painted in my gaming quality.
As a little side note: I have changed some minor things on the blog layout yesterday and you find more banners of future events in the right navigation bar. Hope you like it!

Best Wishes and keep on happy painting!


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