Repair and Rework I - Gladiator bust

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys,

I think most of you remember the disaster with my cabinet on Monday evening... well, fist I want to thank all of you who commented the topic with your nice words. It really helped to get over the situation and to start the repairs quickly...

After I reinstalled my cabinet (this time the right way...) Which miniature would be the first to be repaired and - as I had the opportunity now- to be reworked? Roman did this some time ago with another bust and I thought it would be some good practice ;) It´s quite interesting to look at some older miniatures and to consider what parts you would improve with more developed painting skills. So as I was looking at all my miniature-parts I quickly chose my own Gladiator bust, I finished last summer. Every time I looked at it I recognized some parts worth to be improved and so I took the chance to change this...

First of all the old pictures (for comparison reasons):

Here the situation after the cabinet´s disaster:

There were two things I wanted to change: the painted metal and the face. In my opinion the metal I painted last summer was not very "realistic". It was dull and even as it looks quite good on the photos, it wan´t that good in real... the face was quite good, but I missed some more colours in the skin and a clear light-situation.

After some hours of painting I think I did quite some good work... I´m not toally satisfied with the result, but I have to go on to repair some the next miniature and somehow to finish my project for the Duke of Bavaria-show... perhaps I will invest 2 or 3 hours more for the Gladiator-bust (this time perhaps for the breast... I did´nt change anything here).

So here the final result... sorry, but the metal is quite bas on the pictures... In real it looks quite good (damned lamps)...I would be happy I you could tell me if you can see an improvement, too ;)



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