Spring Rising Kong Fu and WIP

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Jungle visitor,

first before I forget there will be 3 winners of the exclusive Painting Crusade IX figure. Many thanks to all who took their chance via comment here.

The winners are chosen randomly via random.org and tadaradaraddddaaaddummm the winners are:

Icehockey masked guy
Comment No. 46: Count_Zero

Headphones guy
Comment No. 6: Elsener

Gasmask guy
Comment No. 56: Xändu

Please write an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com with your adress and the miniatures will be prepared and shipped to you via chimp post airship.

Spring Rising? Yeah I can feel it coming everywhere, in my bones, in the air, in the sky and in the soul. Spring will be back soon and I love it as after Spring there comes Summa!!! Today I found myself back on my workplace working on several things. I am happy about this fact as I have some pretty strange days behind me. But more to this later on when it comes to the Kong Fu- so far some Spring WIPs:

Tonight I will finish my Worksop figure, Lathiem by Enigma from Stephan Rath's Painting Class, the one on the left. A real joy to finish. I started Roustam, the horse that will be present at a big upcoming diorama for studying the sculpt, pimped up a base from one of the Secret Weapon bases that will be available as casts in the future.

Kong Fu
I really had some strange days during the last week. I was completly offline with my brain, but worse my heart when it comes to figures. After writing the Painting Crusade Review I felt drowning into a deep hole and just wasn't intrested in figures, figures, figures all the time. Now it wasn't that easy to go to a Painting Class for the weekend but I did. Thanks to all the friends I was able to meet there - I really cherised this weekend. After coming home I got stuck in ... well, I would call it an upcoming Internet depression. No real joy while painting, always thinking about the mails I should write, the things I should organise, the things I should change, the things that make my heart heavy. Somehow I feel bad about not finding time answering all my mails with shortness of delay but if you got many it ain't that easy at all.  I really was completly down, somehow - can't find words to describe it better but I found a way that helped me out of this. Start painting, stop Internet. More sleep, no hectical start of the day with too much weight in the early morning hours. Saying "No" to an email or question. Sounds pretty hard, but there is no offence in it. It just got too much and when I realize my walls are overrun by a horde of wild vikings in my mind I often come to the point to stop - to breathe, to calm down, to just restore energy. I did and as I always say "All things happen with a reason!" our internet provider had to fix a glass fibre cable in our city today the internet was off for a long time. During this I got amazed by the powers I found again at my workbench and now I am enjoying a glass of good old red wine and make this an epic painting night ...

During these dark moments the days ago I took a photo from my workspace and really found it corious what Massive Voodoo really means. It is just a painting table, maybe similiar or close to the one you got at home - it is nothing more, no bikini girls in whirlpools, no airplane partys with bikini girls dressed in monkey costumes and no deluxe red wine and whatever some might imagine happening behind the jungle curtains. It is just a workbench, a brush and other tools, like yours at home but with a bikini girl calendar ... and maybe different music than yours.

I ask a bit patience if you are one of these persons waiting for an email reply from the junge headquarters. I will restore energy and be back as soon as possible with a lot of things I guess.



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