Painting Crusade IX - Jungle Report

by Roman aka jar

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Painting Crusade IX, Brussels 2012 - Jungle Report

This little review will be started pretty personal.

There was no other contest/event where I have been relaxed like this.
I guess I have to explain. Having miniatures as a job creates a button in your head, I would call it the button of passion, because both switches are full with it. The button usually rests in “Job/Work” position most of the days. Sometimes I am able to switch back to my hobby mode. Sometimes it happens while painting, sometimes it happens after weeks without painting, like holidays.
Now as a self employed I don’t have much holidays – I even can’t remember some :D.

While I was still working on Friday, the day of our trip to Brussels, Raffa and I jumped the plane late at night and my button was still at work-mode. Arriving in Brussels changed that in a pretty hardcore and therefore I have to thank first Mr. Quent-Teng for his superb hospitality in all aspects. I really felt at home. Thanks to Val for picking us up at the airport – Friday made the button felt that there might be some change ahead. And it was ...

On Saturday we went to the event itself – the Painting Crusade IX.
It is for sure not a ultramegabig event when it comes to the number of displayed figures like for example Monte San Savino, MSS Mountrouge or the Duke of Bavaria are (Just can name those as I made the experience).

During Saturday I really got impressed by such a high quality figure show. 
I was stunned by the high quality of the entries in all categories, flashed by cool athmosphere and the great location – there is always a big painting table, where you can sit down and start painting, sculpting or just chatting. I really loved that idea and my button moved to holidays even more. Most impressive in my eyes was the organization, done by the red shirt gang, the team behind the Crusades. Everything was very well organized, from the catering to the prize ceremony. I know they won’t think the same but for me as a visitor, it felt like heaven. Holidays arrived on Saturday night were we all went to gentle Marek, who made sure his place was ready for party. I want to say thanks to everyone who was involved in the preparation and in the clean up, really this evening was so nice, so many nice chats, strange Belgium alcohol and maybe one or two beers to much for me. Holiday arrived, the button switched completely. During the day I really was happy to meet so many new painters I did not know yet, make new friends and meet old friends again. I was also happy for having my bibab (brother in brain and brushes), Raffa with me. Oli and his Dad really made it all perfect. I got relaxed and work was home – I was able to focus my joy on the hobby after a long time without really reaching that feeling. Somehow we did not make many photos of figures - there is a video, but more about it later on - so if you are interested in checking some more cool photos
I recommand Corvus Miniatures with his cool reportage on his blog!

Sunday arrived and I was totally in holiday mode. Enjoying the time for chats with a lot of people, Painting a Miniature gift together with Raffa, looking at more great figures, learning more and more French all the time by just listening, Collecting basing stuff outside and Drinking Coffee - just enjoy being on holidays. In the afternoon the Winners Ceremony arrived, but before there was a funny quiz about finding the painter of a figure due photos. You could win a coin for the bar to get another coffee. That was very, very funny and I got myself one.

We learned for example that you can speak french with knowing just one word at all, putain!

The winners ceremony, was like I told before a real joy for every visitor as the organization seemed mostly perfect. You had top presentation of the figures and millions of kisses all the time. Congratulations to everyone who won something, but also to those who might did not take a trophy as we all made the figure show this impressive. I was happy about Raffa’s prizes, as he is some kind of brother for me. I was happy to see so many good figures win something. I was just kind of paralyzed by my own prizes and very happy for sure. I felt so strange going up that stage for so many times as these minutes seem to be deleted from my brain. I just heard my name and wooosshhhh – a minute passed by and I was back at my place without knowing what happened. It just felt that I must have looked like a big smiling ogryn. Whatever – in the end I am very, very happy to be invited to the next years Painting Crusade X for being part of the judging team. It is my honor and I try to be as professional as I can. I won’t be scared as I know I really got a professional Team around me – those magnificent guys with the red shirts …

I just can say if you are a Miniature Painter and love tiny figures, you don’t live not far from Brussels or even if you live far – you have to check this event someday. It has his very own mood and athmosphere and I was very happy to be there with you. And I think it will get better and better - just like wine. Thank you for a wonderful weekend full of miniature joy.

I have made 2 video reportages that kept my working the last days and kept the jungle pretty silent. I hope you like them as I really tried to catch the athmosphere of the this nice weekend.. I am sorry for some unsharp views and somehow the second video stops very rapidly (I should have checked the cutting process more - sorry). Also I felt a bit bad that I did not get every figure on the video. I got them all but some are so unsharp that there is no need to show them as you don't see anything. Sorry for these faults by me. Whatever, I hope you like them anyways ...

Hint of today: Watch the videos in HD to get a sharper picture!

We did stay for Monday to first sleep a little bit longer in the morning and then check out Brussels city and eat some Waffels with way too much chocolate. Thanks for such a nice day and memory to Raffa, Valerie and Quentin. I came home tired and happy and found that I have to switch the button back again to “work-mode” soon and since then I am kind of sad. But Sadness will be gone I hope and so lets get back to something funny again - it is time for some ... Impressions from the preCrusade!

We did bring back a tiny gift from the Painting Crusade.
Every year there is a special figure at the event that everyone is able to get, only here, only on the Crusade. There will 3 of these now for 3 of you to win. Just write a comment saying "Hi!" or "Puitan!" or whatever else you like to say and 3 of you will be randomly chosen to win one of these Figures. You are only allowed to take part with one comment!

Again - Big thanks to everyone I was able to meet and spent some time with.
Merci beaucoup par le team de Painting Crusade!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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