Mech #7 and Pilot

by Roman aka jar

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Another project done and finally - thanks to Mr. Queng Teng - I can present it in the jungle.

The figure was the special figure of the Painting Crusade 2010 and I did paint my version up to Quentin for saying thanks for his hospitality during our stay for the Painting Crusade 2012. I did a little conversion work - here you can find the basic model without the Steampunk-Mech look - nicely painted version my bibab Raffa did as a present for Quentin 2 years ago. The figure measures around 4 cm without the socket and the pilot is really tiny. It comes from railorad accessoires. I hope you like this little scene ... thanks big Q. for the photos :)

Mech #7 and Pilot
Painting Crusade Special Figure, 28 mm

If you like to vote for the Mech #7 and the pilot -

It was really a pleasure to prepare and finish this gift and a joy to convert the little fella. 

Happy Painting!
Best Wishes


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