A look on the table - March

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa fellow jungle visitors,

again it is time for a look on the table. I got struck by the thought to keep this a series over the weeks of a month. Sure my timing is pretty bad as this is the first official "Look on the table" of March as it ends pretty fast :D

So this is a look on the table #1 for March.
I got also struck by the idea that every monkey who got some work to show could easily follow up with the number and just write to inform you that which table you are looking at. So - as a good example - this is Roman's table, shortly before heading to a painting class on Friday. Preparing stuff, packing tomorrow and so on ... I recently did finish some figures again so let's start with a short overview and for sure bad pictures, done with lightning from my camera, better ones shall arrive when they are done

... and again I got struck by an idea.
Here is my cabinet with bad pictures from the camera lightning but in all its glory from top to low. Recently I switched my exchange figures I did with other painters in my second etage to have them closer to my heart. You can also find a pretty weird base to the lower left where you can find Matt's exchange figure he did while at his stay. It is so cool and there will be soon better photos of it. Thanks a lot Matt and everyone else who finds himself in this floor of my cabinet.

In the first you will find all that is done. This will shrink tonight pretty much when I start to pack the sold figures of the latest ebay auctions. They will be shipped tomorrow. I kept "Maestro" for a while in my own cabinet even it is a gift to Raffa. Be sure I asked about it. The gladiator will be gone soon too as he is still an exchange figure with Felix and yet he stands at my place. Soon we will meet brushbrother and I am really looking forward.I did finish Aragorn, another Liche King, Rose an exchange figure to Raffa and a little Red Box Games Goblin there.

The third floor holds my Work in Progress stuff that I am working on. Not the Bellerophon base as there is no space left. Yes, I am thinking of a second cabinet for quite a bit now. But still lots of stuff in process, some close to finish others far away from putting my hands and mind on.

In the lowest corner you still find the floor of shame. There you find stuff that is planned but there is not the time right now. You also find the box Matt sent to us with the Gorilla head for Celeberations of the 1000 Jungle friends. Damn, I wish I could see this done. But proper purpose and so much other things keeps my mind busy at the moment ao for the moment it stays there but will be seen free soon, hopefully ... promised, maybe ... damn :D - Enjoy:

Looking on the table it shows some basing work, preparing two projects for the upcoming painting class to use as explanation figures and bases.

Another look on the table shows a batch of Sockelmacher's fine pieces of wood for the upcoming painting class. All arrived safely - many thanks my friend. If you want to support the jungle get your sockets at ...

So what's up with the Chimera and Bellerophon?
Still the base is at work. Will take a little while as it is not really small :D

What else to say ... mmh, nothing, the sun made many promises today and kept the day warm in every single moment. Love the sun and look forward to get ready for the painting class ...

 I wish you sunny days and a fine mood and some happy painting and hope you liked this Look on the table that struck my mind ... maybe it will become something staying in the jungle or it will fade away ... who knows, only great Manitu does and he won't speak with me :)

Best Wishes


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