Massive Ebay Night

by Roman aka jar

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This night the spotlights are straightly on ebay with a numbers of my latest figures there for Sale with a fair starting price of 0.99 $. Take your chance to make one of these yours and support the jungle via your bid. I made a photo into my cabinet for seize comparision. Sadly this photo is pretty bad as I did it with lightning from my camera and it totally looks strange - but you should get the seizes of the figures compared to the Citadel color pot.

Click on the banners to get directed to the auctions:

First there is the Grey Knight Brother again, who was on ebay some weeks ago.
This is a relist of this figure already called sold.
The buyer just refused to pay and made strange promises that Paypal will clear the payment over several weeks and I still have an issue with ebay about that as I want to give him a bad feedback and have him excluded from my auctions after this is the second time with problems by this person.
He just left me the note that I can sell it again.
Why did he bid on it anyway?
Stupid I think.
Sorry for these circumstances.

Next there goes the Swamp Lich King for Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts Gamers. Make him your new army character and bring fear to your enemies with this fishy, stinky and rotting monstrum:

Coming straight out of a grave ready to hunt down the living this Banshee will make a great addition to your army roster:

Lathiem Oakleaf welcomes Springtime with a grim visage as he loves the winter more than the arrival of spring. His mother always makes him wear stupid clothes during this season because she thinks they are hip:

Ymir the White, Lord of StoneGate still stands his watch in the mushroom forest. Guarding the StoneGate not far away from every goblin that tries to make a pee there:

Happy Bidding and many thanks for your support!
Please only bid seriously like an adul to avoid such problems like with the Grey Knight!


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