MV's EASTER SEASON CONTEST - Announcement, Rules and Infos

by Roman aka jar

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Hiho Jungle Visitors,

after our Celebration of the 1000 Followers still takes time the jungle Crew made ready for another very, very and very creative Contest that shall bring out all your power of creativity and power of creation. This time it is about Bunnys, Chickens and Eggs. I guess there has to be a little more explanation.


Get yourself a chickens egg.
Create something with a chickens egg, like a Diorama with Miniatures or just paint your egg.
Everything is allowed but it must be a blown one and only chicken seized eggs, no dinosaur eggs.. How to blow an egg is described here!


- Everyone, except the MV Crew is allowed to take part.
- Everyone can only take part with one entry, one egg creation.
- You can do whatever you like with your egg (Diorama, paint it, etc.), let your imagination drive you.

- Sent a photo of your creation to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com until 4th May 2012.  Email has to be subjected with "MV egg contest - *your name*". Entries without this subject will not count. Please write your adress to this mail in case of your win.

- Photos need to show 3 different views from your egg (for example: Front, side A and its back). No Limits in pictue seizes but try to keep them comfortable for us and not bigger than 2 MB. You can also do a collage of your entry.

- There has to be a sign on one of the photos that shows your name and the date to make sure you did it for this contest. You can use this sign for it if you like, just save it and print it:

Judges are Raffa, Peter, and myself and maybe some others of the Apes, depending on their time availability. Maybe not too much to keep the organisation simple :)


The winner - 1st place - gets a massive Jungle surprise box which is packed at the moment. We will keep you updated with news around the progress via dialy blog news. Here is already a little preview of the first days of packing.


Thanks for the Support on this Jungle Surprise box goes out to

The second and third place will get a small surprise from the jungle!!


No? So why did you not start already to prepare your entry egg?
Yes? Feel free to ask here via using a comment, we are happy to help you asap!

If you want to repair something on your egg you can use the color "Eivory" - this is such a bad joke I had to bring it as in german "Ei" means "Egg". Too bad I know ...

Tell it to your friends, family and foes. Believe me anyone can do this and we are very corious in what you are all creating. Maybe have a great Painting Sit In with your friends or family to get your entry ready and this will be really eggsome!!

Let's get it on!!
Your MV-Crew


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