Massive Downtime for the jungle

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Hello jungle visitors,

and a big sorry first.We have/had some problems with the blog from yesterday night on and are working on the solutions. The warning of Malware some have occoured is already under review by google and we fixed the infected files. So at the moment we are waiting for the final ok or if we still got to hunt down some evil skripts.

Also blogger switched domains due a blogger country specific reform. The adress "" was directing to "" and google changed  it during the last night to "" so we also had to face this minor problem. It now comes together with google checking the adress "" for our repairs and that is why some of you might occour visual problems on the blog as this adress is blocked by google. Also the virus warning some of you see will disappear when google finished their checks.

We are on it since yesterday night - big thanks to Robert and Raffa, also thanks to Vincent for keeping us updated with news from his computer screen. Thanks to all who tell what is going on at their home pc via facebook. This help is really appreciated. Let us know about news.

Not cool this time is ... but we will face the sun again soon!
Stay updated on facebook about everything cleared out by Apes with massive swings of their cleaning mops!


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