MV Easter Season Challenge Reminder

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Heyho eggcited people!

We already have our first entry in and can't wait for more cool ideas on what you can create with your egg -
check out the MV's Easter Season Contest Rules here.

This is just a little reminder to keep you focused on your entry :)

There is a bunch of stuff rolling in for the MV Surprise box. There will soon be another update photo on the box but here is what dropped in from Masquerade Miniatures - a brand new Fur Hair Sculpting Tool and two Tube Tools to create tubes for your projects:

Masquerade Miniatures Tube Tool in Action.

Make ready to take your chance on this massive box. 
Get your egg projects rolling in! 
Keep on happy painting!
Your MV-Team


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