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by Massive Voodoo

Hi ladies and gentleman,
time once again for a little newsflash.
What is going on in the jungle? This might be of interest for you:

The Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign

At the moment we are in the middle of bringing all your orders together via BackerKit. Meanwhile 94% of all our backers have completed their survey of their order. That is good and we thank you for your reliability, but...

We noticed that many of our backers that already finished the survey on BackerKit using the link they received via mail forgot to add the shipping Add-On.

Without "shipping" added in BackerKit's survey as an Add-On we cannot send you your goods! It is very important to select the correct shipping option!

Please double check if you already added the shipping item in your cart in BackerKit by using the link we sent you via mail.

Another important note: even if you will pickup your goods in Augsburg or you have free shipping (stickers ...) please select the pick up or free shipping option in the Add-On and add it to the cart!

If you got any questions concerning the use of BackerKit please feel free to ask first the Team of BackerKit and if they can not provide you the help you search feel free to contact us.


We finally have a big update about this item.

You can support the jungle and the jungle supports you!

You can now place your advertisement here on MASSIVE VOODOO!

We feature:
- Daily Updates about Happy Painting
- around 1500 subscribers to the blog, steadily growing
- around 4000~6000 page impressions to the mainsite daily, around 2000 daily visitors to the article section - all interested in our Hobby from all over the globe.
- Huge amount of content with one of the best Article/Tutorial sections related to the hobby of miniature painting in the web.
Banner Advertisement?
We accept banners for all subjects that are related to our hobby, may it be your shop, a special product, simply your company/brand or your crowdfunding campaign.
We reserve the right to reject advertisements that don't fit to these subjects
or may harm or risk our readers, for example explicit adult material.
How can I place my ad in the jungle and what does it cost me?
If you are intrested in placing your advertisement on Massive Voodoo write an email to
to get provided with all the information you need, via PDF.

Please contact MV via email for a quote and further information.


Today all Random Prizes and Prizes of the Winners have been shipped. 
Except to Oli aka Honour Guard as we will meet him soon on the SMC and to Matt diPietro as he did not yet provide us with his shipping adress.

Thanks to everyone who supported the jungle with a donation to get this big load of parcels on the road!


MV's Jar's Basing Class II
Right now Roman is preparing for his upcoming basing class in the end of September. Preparing means for him getting all that material ready and installing ideas in the schedule from the great  feedback he recieved during his first round of this class in August by the students. We'll soon find out how round two worked.

MV's Jar's Beginners class
The class in Munich, Germany in mid October is filling up. If you are interested in taking part, check the link and you might get a seat as long as they last.

The class in Sprang-Chapelle, Netherlands in December is already fully booked, but you might have chance to be a part of it if you place your name on the follow-up-list.

Private Coaching
After our little summer vacation in private coaching this autumn season brings back a full list until the end of the year. Many students doing future private coaching with interesting personal topics with us and we are looking forward to tell you about it. The last months of 2014 are fully booked and early 2015 will be planned with the Private Coaching from our Ultimate Paint Rack Campaign.

BÄM² class
We didn't do a BÄM² class this year so far and as it looks like we won't do one until the year passed us. Several reasons behind this, but the biggest one is that the whole class gets a little restructure, based on a brand new class sculpt.


Massive Voodoo Painted Miniatures Boutique 
There is also a bigger update in the Miniatures for Sale area. Oli aka HonourGuard threw in some of his beautiful pieces. Go have a look and maybe you find something you want to add to your collection or use as a birthday gift to a friend.

You can also support the painters of Massive Voodoo by checking the Boutique of lovely handpainted models that are on sale - click the banner to get directed:

And ... last but not least: Massive Voodoo's birthday approaches in big steps!


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