Tutorial Voting: Special Birthday Edition!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

yesterday we celebrated Massive Voodoo's 5th Birthday with a little gift and a task for you - so if you did not read it yet - here you go!

Today Massive Voodoo's year of the painter brings you a special edition of Tutorial Voting:
The Birthday Special Edition. Now what does that mean, eh?

In full force madness there are six articles you can choose from today, all a little special and it will be like in the Highlander series: There can only be one! One up next week - you decide which one via comment under this post!

In this article Roman talks about the basework he has done on Northstar Models' Male Galaxy Defender. The article is strictly about the base, no talk about the models' paintjob included.

For this article vote "SciFi base" in your comment!

This article goes back to the explanation on how Roman painted the Toadking in his project called
"Frogs X-ing". It is a deep look into the paintjob itself, no basing or other talk included.

For this article vote "Green Frog" in your comment!

This article takes a look on the use of Scale75 Steel Tone Set and Inktensity Set and talks about the use of these cool colours. Explanation is done on Roman's latest painted "Vampire" guy from Sgt. Blackart and includes a little step by step through the process of the figure.

For this article vote "Scale75 Metals" in your comment!
In this article Raffa is explaining to you with some cool tips and tricks on how you can sculpt a loincloth on a giant's butt from Games Workshop. It gives insight in tools and material.

For this article vote "Giant butt" in your comment!

This article is about a step by step walkthrough on a female barbarian from the range of Ilyad Games. It gives insight in Roman's thoughts on the base and the paintjob.

For this article vote "Barbarian Girl" in your comment!
A step by step on Roman's latest bust, the Inuit Fisherman. A colourful journey through a truely big bust. Talking about painting the fish, the skin, the leather and doing the snow.

 For this article vote "Inuit Fisherman" in your comment!
Now it is your turn to vote until Monday next week!
There can only be one! 
Happy voting!


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