Happy 5th Birthday Massive Voodoo!!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Massive Voodoo readers and Jungle Painters,

five years ago a little basket was washed against the shore of the big jungle island, a big gorilla who was searching the beach for shells for a new necklace found it and he brought it home, showed the content of the basket to the monkeys of the creative-totem-tribe living deep under the jungle canopy. 
Quickly the monkeys gathered around it and decided to raise what they found in the basket. The date was September 17th 2009 and what they found in that little basket was a baby blog. They named it Massive Voodoo.

Well, today - September 17th, 2014 - Massive Voodoo - your jungle blog of daily updates on miniature inspiration celebrates his 5th birthday. Five years passed until the blog was funded, five years that often changed the blog in its apperance, five years that made every miniature painter connected to it grow bigger in his painting skills, five years with a lot of content for its readers and the community sorrounding it, five years with a lot of laughter and sometimes tears, five years that saw improvement, change and left some proud scars here and there and the baby blog became an adult by now we'd say. To this date the blog was visited 6,495,686 times in the last five years. Truely massive it feels and we want to thank everybody who made the baby blog a place that is visited that often, because of you outthere MV became a grown up blog!

As did the monkeys inhabiting it ... growing from babies to serious adults. Oh really? Well, no! :D
The monkeys behind your jungle blog still are little boys and girls that love to paint tiny nerdy miniatures, who call themself proud to be a nerd.

Well, today we want to celebrate this with you with a) a little task to all our readers and b) a little gift announced by your MV-Team. Which one shall we start with??


Let's start with the gift we'd say: BANANALICIOUS II!

Many of you might remember the 1st MV BANANALICOUS Painting Contest, the biggest online contest which the world of miniature painting ever saw with tons of entries by painters and sculptors from all over the globe. A contest that roared the joy of happy painting out to the world and with every participant showing his pride and passion of what we all do by entering in it.

Massive Voodoo - Bananalicious Contest:
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Banana!
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Sculpting
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Diorama
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Historic Master
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Historic Standard
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Fantasy Master
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Winners Fantasy Standard
Bananalicious Painting Contest - Gallery of all entries
Bananalicious Painting Contest Announcement

For us the first issue of the Bananalicious Contest was hard work behind the curtains. Collecting, organising and judging 172 entries, not only with single projects but with displays (several models showcased together) was truely exhausting, but also rewarding as we felt the wave of fun everyone of you had with this contest.

Now we decided to bring you issue number two of this massive contest. MV's BANANALICIOUS CONTEST - ISSUE 2 will start on November 17th 2014 and until then we want you to know that you have to prepare yourself. We will provide you with all information you need and have some cool updates of the rules and categories. We are sure that this issue will shake the painting community to its core when all of us line up to top the number of entries of the first issue.

You want to be a sponsor?
You own a miniature company, a painter's forum, a miniature related blog or you are a single individual and you want to be a sponsor of the BANANALICIOUS CONTEST - ISSUE 2?
If so, please contact us via: mv---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com


Now that we have presented you the gift we are preparing for you to celebrate MV's 5th we arrive at  the task we ask of you, the jungle painters and voodoo readers.

Sometimes a letter or an email, written by a Jungle Painter drops in the jungle and so did the one of Mattias from Denmark:

"Dear Roman, 
like many probably already did, or at least I hope so, I would like to thank you and your team for the Massive Voodoo experience! I very rarely sit down and write Emails like this, in which case this is one of those times where I won't stop myself from writing out to folks like you who deserves the recognition.

I thought I was a retired miniature painter, with too many interest in my hands. But I am only 24 at present time, so it felt wrong in many years, not to be swinging the brush. I actually had a break for 4 whole years. I was a part of the Danish Golden Demon team back in Copenhagen, but never got around finishing up my entry for UK, and after that it all just stopped. It was a nice experience to discover your painting, and the way you and your team interpret the miniature painting scene as a respectful art form, like it should be! This was what I had missed all these years, but couldn't find myself. The artform! 

I was born and bred on White Dwarf and Eavy Metal. And even though I still love this part of the miniature world, the discovery of a new painting scene was a fresh breath to me! I took this inspiration and found my painting joy back, and I walk around these days with a smile much bigger than before, cause besides the other fantastic things I do in my everyday life, the joy of painting just can't be replaced, and its a part of who I am, because i've been doing it since I was 7. It feels so great to be painting with new energies, and with a trial and error in focus, not being afraid to push my own limits and try something new. This is still a niche in the art society in Denmark, were you almost can count the pro painters in one hand. The social aspect of painting is so important for me and my motivation, so god bless the internet I guess..! Because it is also great to share with people who understand. 

So what I would actually like to say in short terms with this mail is, keep up the good work, thanks for the inspiration, great painting, and i'll hope to run into you folks some time in the near future! 
Kind regards, 

Mattias words really gives us the heebie-jebbies as his story is exactly what Massive Voodoo is aiming at. Thank you Mattias for your time to sit down to write such words!

Now what is your Massive Voodoo experience?
Your story connected to Massive Voodoo?
Since when do you read Massive Voodoo?

Let us know via comment on this birthday post, we would be thankful if you would find the time to write some words, thoughts or what is on your mind!

Happy 5th Birthday Massive Voodoo!
And Happy Birthday, Ben Komets!!


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