The Aquila - Hero of Rome 41 A.D.

by Roman aka jar

41 A.D.

In the dark lands of the Chauchi Tribe,
deep in the winter forest of Germanica,
a hero of Rome was born as he returned
one of the lost eagle home to mother Rome.

Great model by Nuts Planet
You can find a Miniatures Unpacked with a detailed look on the sculpt here.

A lot of fun for me as I am still reading tons of Ancient Roman novels. My brain, soul and mind is totally stuck in the ancient world. Usually I have such reading phases about a specific topic for some months, but this one now goes on for over eight months now. You can not imagine how many books I have read so far. And even the novels are fiction they are always presented in a historical correct background. There is truely a lot to learn from that big picture. Really my joy since some months.

I decided to give this bust a go to let out some of the impressions I gained from reading all of these books. Sometimes this has to be done. Thank you, Nuts Planet and Benny Sa :)

Last photo shows the bust in my cabinet.
Strange light there as the yellow lamp from above makes it all a bit weird.

The Aquila - Hero of Rome 41 A.D.
Nuts Planet, 1/9

If you want to see more angles of this bust, please feel free to check it in my gallery on Putty&Paint.

You can be aware of a future step by step about this bust. It is in preparation for you already. Interesting might be where this journey started. I really started with fun on it and the early WIP looks even crazy to me as I just was throwing colour on it in pure joy of painting:

Early WIP - after the first hour of colour throwing:


Hope you like him!
Keep on happy painting! 
Best Wishes,


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