Beautiful Jessica

by Roman aka jar


Jessica, a beautiful name, eh?
Well, Jessica turned into a Zombie and now she ain't that pretty anymore.

I found Darkworld Creations' Jessica bust while I was searching for some Zombiebusts and sculpts for a hobby friend. I found a video of the 3d sculpt and really... well, fell in love with that Zombie Jessica.

She reminded me of the Zombie conversion I once did with Satin - check the article here! I picked up the search machines once again and found Jessica at Darkworld Creations. Compared to other 1/10 busts this lady here comes really tiny. The describtion from the page says: "This 1/10 scale bust is 54mm in height and 33mm at the shoulders. The head is 22mm in height and 16mm wide. This bust is cast in detailed resin." 

Well, all in all I did enjoy her size a lot and had mucho fun painting her in colours I do not use so often. You will find a step by step about this lady sooner or later in your massive jungle :)

Darkworld Creations, 1/10

"God's spine is broken and he left humanity behind in the midst of a virus that feeds on the living." 

Last photo as usual shows her in comparision to her fellows in my cabinet, this time the photo was done just with the big camera, no lightning used, so it is a little bit yellowish.

Hope you like ehrm ... beautiful Jessica!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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