MV-Team: Bene

by Massive Voodoo


Name: Bene

Nickname: Benji

Years of Painting: Restarted painting in 2009 for wargaming, cabinet painting since the mid of 2011,
Sculpting since 2012

Media: Mainly acrylics, sometimes watercolors, for sculpting all kinds of clay and putty, but mainly Scuper Sculpey, Fimo, BeesPutty Plastic and Milliput

Brushes/Tools: Windsor&Newton Series 7, some cheap brushes for different purposes, for sculpting many dental tools, like the Zahle tool, some Studioworx/Bees tools and a bunch of selfmade tools and also my fingers and hands, for both, painting and sculpting :D

Airbrush: Harder and Steenbeck Evolution, very useful tool

Miniatures: Mainly Fantasy and Sci-Fi Scales: Mostly 28-32mm, but sometimes also 54mm or larger, and also busts

Speed: somewhat mediocre I would say, not really fast but also not slow

Average Painting Hours per day: Hmm, hard to say, sometimes the whole day, but there are also many days, where I don´t paint, in average I would say 1-2 hours.

Sculpting: Yes, and I really like it.

Favourite Painters: Ben Komets, Roman Lappat, Raffaele Picca, Francesco Farabi, Alfonso Giraldez

Favourite Sculptors: Allan Carrasco, Pedro Fernandez, Patrick Masson, Raffaele Picca, Simon Lee, Steve Party, Alfonso Giraldez

Hello, my name is Bene,

but on the web you´ll find me often with my nickname Benji.
These days I´m a student of Geography in Augsburg.

My first contact with miniatures is now 11 years ago, which is pretty much half my life these days. But in these days long time ago, my focus wasn´t on high quality miniature painting for cabinet, but more on playing tabletop games and getting color onto my figures. After three years playing tabletop games, I dropped the hobby because of other hobbies. Then around 5 years ago I found back to painting miniatures in the first time again for playing tabletop, but soon playing tabletop was less and less important and painting became more important, as this was also the time where I started to take a look into miniature forums and blogs and there were so many cool painted and converted miniatures which made me want to create cool models on my own. You can find some of my miniature work on Putty&Paint.

Funnily Massive Voodoo also played a big role at that time in bringing me into the painting and sculpting area of the big miniature hobby. Well so 5 years ago it was more or less a new start into the hobby. I guess it was the sumer of 2011 where I met Raffa and Roman at a workshop in Soest. Since then there grew a deep friendship between us, which I really don´t want to miss in my life. Beside only painting miniatures I was also always interested in sculpting, because I really like the opportunity you get with sculpting to create your own ideas starting from a blanc canvas, as you aren´t limited through miniatures you might need for a project (although there are tons of cool minis out there).

So my drop into sculpting was with a workshop held by Mati in 2012. Since then I started many sculpts were some are still unfinished, as finishing the miniatures is for me always the hardest part when sculpting. But I have much fun with sculpting and will spend many hours in the future to create my own sculpts. All that brought me also to drawing and painting (digital and traditional) as the miniature painting and sculpting stuff woke up my creative side. Somehow I like to create and design and to work on my skills to be able to visualize my ideas. I also enjoy taking my camera and doing photos to find the beauty of the world.

Another part I like about the hobby we share, is the community, as I met there so many new friends and nice people with which I love to hang around and have a good time. Unfortunately the chances to meet all the people are rare, as it is mainly at contests or conventions and sometimes at a painters meeting, but that makes these rare times even more special and funny. Beside the miniature hobby I have also many other interests, which are for example photography, pc gaming, biking, hiking, and so many more, basicly too many hobbies for too less time.

Well, I´m pretty sure I forgot to write so many things I could have wrote, but I hope, that this page gives you a little insight about me, how I came to the hobby and why I like it.

 Cheers Bene


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