Mu 57 - Uschi van der Rosten visits MV HQ - Decals

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle,

some days ago we had a special guest visiting Massive Voodoo's Headquarter in Augsburg, Germany.
His name is Alex and he is the man behind "Uschi van der Rosten".

Uschi van der Rosten

Well, first things first. 
By chance we heard about a top notch Scale Modeller in the same town as the MV HQ, travelling the world for Scale Modelling and producing really cool products for Scale Modellers. Really funny how small the world sometimes can be and even we are noobs when it comes to Scale Modelling Massive Voodoo contacted Alex and we went for some time well spent on our first meeting - also with Manni, a good friend of Alex - drinking a cold beer and enjoying tasteful food.

 We shared much experiences and talked til late at night about stories sorrounding these two different - yet somehow similar - worlds - Plane Scale Modelling and Miniature Painting. Similar because if you find passion in one of it your heart just follows and you always stay a kid with dreams and bright eyes.

The week after our initial meeting we invited Alex to our Studio and he came over. Man, he just lives close by. Small world indeed. He was really prepared to show us some of his cool products and gave us - Sanne, Roman and Raffa -  a complete workshop on how to use them properly.

If you take into consideration that Roman started with his granddad with scale modelling planes back when he was a kid, but nowadays he is not being able to create a proper paper plane the stuff Alex showed to us was really amazing. We learnt so much by just following his guide and we really had a lot of fun.

Uschi van der Rosten is producing high quality decals that you can use for planes or other scale modelling topics, really cool stuff if you know how to use them. We were granted with introductions by the master himself, lucky us. Here are some of the example pieces Alex brought with him to show us in the studio:

These marble patterns are decals. This is so crazy if you see it in real. So unbelievable crazy stuff.

Also the wood structure, the weathering on the tank or the grafiti signatures. Really cool stuff and even more impressive in real.

There is a lot of stuff going on with these decals we think could be also very cool for miniature painters and also wargamers. Just imagine placing a quick decal of weathering to your airbrushed tank in some seconds. How cool would that be?

Monkey brains are already exploding with new ideas.

Alex took his time to explain each steps to us on how he works his decals and wohoooww we really learnt a lot, even for miniature painting. These two worlds are not so far from eachother we think, they are overlapping in many points and it was interesting to see how he proceeds with his models.

We learnt how to use masking tape like a god - well, at least we saw a true master doing his ultra precise work:

 Yet more fantastic examples ...

The process of wood texture to a plane's wing:

PVC glue + water drops ...

Cutting the decal in the right shape:

Placing the already prepared perfect sized decal:
 Making it all plain:

After a little oil wash with "Blitz dry" (a brilliant product that let's your oil colour dry in about 1 hour) Alex added some varnish to it:

... before we headed for some work on the metals, with use of metal pigments. We still learned and learned. Man this looks so ACE, really. Already on the photo it looks beautiful but no match for if you see it in real.

After those hours together in the MV-HQ we already know that we will see Alex again, as this is not only about decals or planes. He is a really nice guy with the right attitude and approach of sharing new ideas together.

Participants of Roman's second basing class this September will already have the oppourtunity to test the "Grafiti decals" on their bases. Thanks to Uschi!

We will definatly run more tests on these products to see where the cutting points of plane modelling and miniature painting are, actually we are right in the middle of it.

Stay tuned for more and be sure to check out the cool stuff offered by Uschi van der Rosten:

Uschi van der Rosten


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