Massive Voodoo's year of the painter 2014

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters,

while it is becoming a weekly routine already we want to say some more words about  
MV's year of the painter.

Right now many weeks have passed with weekly Tutorial votings and weekly articles. For us it is great fun to see how far we can reach with our inspiration and our helpful articles, packed with hints and tips about miniature painting. MV's year of the painter helped the jungle's article section to grow to 268 free articles.

We are thankful to all of you who take part in the weekly votings, who spread the word about it and who enjoy what happened so far since the announcement of the year of the painter, back in the end of January with the first tutorial voting.

What happened so far via 
Massive Voodoo's year of the painter?

February 2014
Tutorial: Working with 1:72 Figures, Samurais
Tutorial: Using superglue for structure
Step by Step: The Arkvenger, Pegaso Models
Tutorial: Quick High Elf display base
Step by Step: Zombicide Gaming Miniatures
Tutorial: Stamp your Milliput

March 2014
Step by Step: Quick display figure
Step by Step: Tale of Revenge (by guest author Felix)
Basing Composition: Introduction
Tutorial: How to create bowstrings
Tutorial: Sculpting a Werewolf - part A

April 2014
Tutorial: Never fear your gaming bases
Tutorial: How to find good roots?
Step by Step: The Nightwatch
Tutorial: Building up a Wasteland Display Base
Step by Step: The First One
Step by Step: Pirate Buccaneer
Mu47/Tutorial: Modelmates' Rust Effect

May 2014
Tutorial: How to create Newspapers
Airbrush: Masking Options
Tutorial: How to create stalagmites/stalagtites
Tutorial: Painting the colour "BLACK"
Mu47/Tutorial: Modelmates' Verdigris Effect

June 2014
Step by Step: Dragon Priest
Tutorial: Primitivo Base
Tutorial: How to create candles
Step by Step: Sha'un - Ram Tribe Warrior
Step by Step: What about a quick Slayer?
Tutorial: Curved Plaster Wall Piece

July 2014
Inspiration: Project Motivation
Tutorial: Cleaning your Airbrush
Step by Step:  WHF Chaos Lord
Step by Step: Repainting X-Wing's Imperial Shuttle
Step by Step: Juva, 1883

August 2014
Tutorial: Rider on the Styx
Tutorial: Postapocalyptic Toad King
Step by Step: Drakery's Orc Shaman
Tutorial: 5 colours, 2 hours,1 Mini

September 2014
Step by Step: Sha'un Ram Tribe Warrior
Inspiration: Visual Studying - Learning to see
Tutorial: Col. Straken
Mu 60/ Tutorial: Scale75 Metal and Alchemy Steel Series + Inkensity Set
Step by Step - Male Galaxy Defender

October 2014
Step by Step: Inuit Fisherman
Step by Step: Theseus' Destiny
Step by Step: Arthur, by Matt Di Pietro
Step by Step: Jessica

November 2014
Step by Step: Painting the Toad King
Step by Step: Funkmaster J
Tutorial: Advanced Transport Box
Step by Step: The Aquila - Hero of Rome 41 A.D. 
Step by Step: Virago, Barbarian Beauty

December 2014
Step by Step: After the SMC is before the SMC
Magic effects on Miniatures


 More to come - stay tuned!


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