Tutorial Voting: A Jungle box!

by Massive Voodoo

Heyho Jungle Painters,

it's Thursday and we hope you can dig what is up again, eh?
Right, Tutorial Voting is on again and this time you can put your vote via comment until Monday next week for one of these two choices:

Some projects need their own transport box and Roman's "Last Light" is definatly one of that kind due its pure size. Find out how Roman build a truely sturdy transport box for this diorama and learn about the material and the steps you need to find and take.

For this article vote "Carry Box" in your comment!

This article brings you a step by step guide through Roman's project called "Her name is Hope", mainly a look at the paintwork done on Col.Straken from Games Workshop.

For this article vote "Catachan" in your comment!

Your choice now! Choose wisely and pick one of this double C tutorial voting :)


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