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Hey Jungle Painters,

this post is about some miniatures I recently finished. Nothing too fency, just some relaxed fun painting of cool miniatures. I ever was and will be in love withe characters Kevin James White from Hasslefree puts out and they are always a joy to paint.

Lately I enjoyed keeping track with Kev's work table via: Hasslefresian,
- go have a look it's awe inspiring over there.

My Hasslespree showed up with the following characters in colour, you can click the links to see more photos of the models if you wish too:

Hasslefree, 28 mm

Hasslefree, 28 mm 

Hasslefree, 28 mm 

Hasslefree, 28 mm  

Just for the fun of it. Bases have been build with the skill of doing gaming bases without fear - click for the article!

Massive Voodoo already recieved a big bunch of new miniatures from Hasslefree to use in the upcoming second Basing Class of Roman. This will be so cool for the participants, really, really a big thanks to all the sponsors of the class for making this a really great experience for the students!

And also another project is in the making but this might take a little longer as there are several models on top of that plinth. You can also see one of the rocking horses Kellerkind-Miniatures developed togehter with MV for the basing class. They soon will be available regularly and you can definatly expect a review on these.

So far, more from the Hasslespree in the future! Ahh, don't forget to share this photo on facebook to win Alexander or Donnie - click and share me!

Keep on happy painting!


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