Forged Hope Contest - Winners

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

welcome to the prize ceremony of the Forged Hope contest.

We really hope everyone enjoyed the contest as much as we did.
If you didn't see all the entries, you can do so by following this link to the complete gallery.

You can also check out the winners of the random prize pool here. All adresses are confirmed by now, thanks to everyone. Shipping is estimated this week now. To the winners of the top three: If we did not yet have your adress, please write an email to Roman, providing us with your adress via:

We had some really tough decisions to make to find the three winners of the contest as there were many cool entries and stories to read. There were so many robots with so many different tasks, we were really amazed by the level of creativity in this contest.

Believe us when we say it was such a hard task to judge this contest as everyone entered such a good entry, with a lot of heart and personality in it, plus cool conversions and if you did not win, please don't be angry with us. Judging is really a though job and we tried to do our best. In fact in our view you are all winners by picking up your screw driver and helping the Forgefather. You all are part of the Forged Hope Program and everyone of you now has a unique project to call your own.

We put our heads together and tried to find the three entries that impressed us the most.
Ok... enough talk, let's start with the interesting part :)


First Place

by Oliver Posvek
The O2 Operating Special Unit – The O.O.S.U.
Joe, Dan, Garry, Dean, Robin, Johnny, Tom, Brad, George, David and Quentin

The guys sitting here are the toughest and most fearless robots on this planet. They are the only ones who can do the job and they do it bloody well! They dare climbing on the highest buildings on earth and by doing so these guys guarantee the survival of the community. It´s their responsibility to suck out the oxygen of the poisoned atmosphere and carry it down to mankind.


Second Place

by Matthew DiPietro
He has crossed the shimmering plain and down to where ruins tumble to eternal deep. And through verdant reaches made new and strange his brush finds a lonely beauty.

The forge father speaks of Arthur in shades of sadness and love.  For he says in that frame lies the fractured spirit of man. In his work the people glimpse themselves and find hope amongst all that was squandered.


Third Place

by Oliver Späth
A damaged world, wild and full of dangers. Not many humans are left, just one little city, or not a city at all, more some kind of a hidden place with a big wall and some weapons.
Their resources are limited. Not much water, food, nearly no electricity and no machines or any electrical equipment. So they started building robots for the help to hunt, to collect fruits, electrical parts, tools and machines of the old world.
We don’t know if there are any other survivors out there, in the deserts and jungles, the nature takes back all the human cities and roads. After all this atomic tests and wars in the past the complete environment changed in a really bad way, mutated plants and animals and even more dangers, which we don’t know about. Some survivors travelled out to find answers before, but they never returned. So we started building the robots. We have already build heavy robots with big guns and armour, to defend us. But they are too slow and need too much energy when they go outside for exploration. So we built this new series, fast and light robots, which collect information about the environment and got messages if they find any other survivors or tribes. So he is out there, running, and making hundreds of kilometers, collecting information and searching for other humans...

And some words about the different elements and to my thoughts on this project:

I wanted to catch a scene of a running robot (running is another big hobby from me). He has a GPS-watch and an oil drink in the hand. And some letters are pinned on his metal body, this messages are for other survivors. On the base you can see different elements for example a human skull, a destroyed road and a gun, this elements stand for the wars of the humans. This has been some years before, you can recognize that, because all the elements were grow over with plants. Beside that you can see a the head of a destroyed robot, this shows the actual dangers in the world, the head doesn’t lie there for a long time. The rabbits were just out there and enjoying their lives, while they get scared away of the running robot. With the jumping rabbit and the robot, I wanted to catch a very dynamic and sudden scene.


The third place was hardest for us to find as many entries were really close to be on a same level. A great idea, well executed, a cool story to help the Forged Hope Program and beautiful painted and based. We decided to tell you about the entries who were pretty close in making it to the top three.
Highly recommended:

Farmbot by Serafin
RS-001a - Robot Shepherd by Kurt Knittelfelder
The Reproduction Bots by Klaus Dorn
Gollum by Tuskar

We hope you enjoyed this contest as much as we did. So many cool entries, so many cool ideas, so much power behind your robot creations. Definatly a contest to stay in good memory.

Congratulations and thank you for your amazing entries. 
Your Massive Voodoo Team


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