Anglo-Norman Crusader finished

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys & gals,

finally I found the time to took some pictures of my lastest finished bust: the Anglo-Norman Crusader from Heros & Villains Miniatures.

I started the bust at a painting class with Fernando Ruiz in July. A very interesting bust, cast in high quality. At the beginning I was not sure what to think of this quite small bust (compared to Raffa´s huge and awesome Ram Tribe Warrior). But after the first brush strokes I fell in love with him. Sadly it took me some time to finish him. This was because I tried some new techniques I learnt from Fernando and because of the choice of colors. Especially while painting the bright coat I realized I had chosen the wrong color combination. So motivation went down and I had to force myself to continue working on him.

But finally I did it and here you can see the results:

I hope you like him. Feel free to vote on Putty and Paint: CLICK!



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