Ultimate Paint Rack - Pledge Manager, Pre-order reminder!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

this post is a little reminder :)

We are thankful that 87 % percent of our campaign backers already confirmed their pledge with the help of BackerKit. We are also thankful to those, who did missed the campaign and take the chance to already pre-order their Ultimate Paint Rack.

While we work in the background to make you get your rewards as fast as possible, you can help us now by giving us all the details and fill out the surveys we are sending right now, if you have not yet done so. If you got any questions concerning the pledge manager we kindly ask you to get in contact with the team of BackerKit as they provide all help with technical questions. For sure you can also ask us, but we might point you back to the BackerKit-Team.

Pledge Manager - BackerKit

We decided to work together with the professional team of BackerKit to give you a smooth and comfortable way of dealing with all the details.

With the invite code our backers received via mail (check your mails!), you can edit your shipping adress, choose the shirt size you want (if you got a shirt), edit which goodies you want to have for your pledged amount and - most important for us, give us details about the shipping.
You will see it is very easy and self-explanatory.

The faster you fill out the survey, the better for everyone.
We will get exact numbers of how many items we need and we can start getting everything to our storage and send it to you!
If you are experiencing problems, feel free to contact us or the BackerKit-Team anytime!

We also opened Pre-orders in BackerKit, so if you missed the campaign, you may now pre-order your Ultimate Paint Rack here

Be aware that the Stretch Goals from the campaign are not included in the Pre-order version of the Ultimate Paint Rack - those were included only for our Backers to show our biiiig gratitude!

If you pledged for the campaign, we would be happy to see the Pre-Order link shared on Facebook or other media - Maybe you have a friend or two who missed the campaign here on Indiegogo.

We will keep you updated about the status of BackerKit and any further progress of the campaign!


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