Wedding. Kilts. Bagpipes. Whiskey. Austria.

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters 
and Miniature friends of Massive Voodoo,

well these words "Wedding. Kilts. Bagpipes. Whiskey. Austria." sum up the reason why some of the MV-Team were not present at the World Expo in Stresa. What we heard and saw from the reports we can all agree that we missed something big and a great time with friends. We felt it in our bleeding hearts during the weekend, BUT ...

We have been to wedding in Austria, our good friends Sandra + Kurt got married and we already took the decision back in last year's Monte San Savino Show and it was a good choice to be with our friends on this important day. The wedding was held scottish as the married couple are in big love with the country and its traditions. Bagpipe blowers, a ceremony of handfasting, great food and drinks, bouncy castle, great weather, knight games and pony-riding for the kids, dance, cakes, whiskey and funny highland games for the adults.

"They might kill us on this wedding party, 
but they will never take our loooovvveeeee!!"

Even it was a hard trip for us arriving Friday, Saturday packed with the wedding that ended late and taking the train back home on Sunday morning, we do not regret any second. A great weekend with friends on a very important day. Some Impressions, thanks to Anci who made the photos as Roman forgot to bring his cameras:


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