Quak! Frogs X-ing!

by Roman aka jar


It is the year 2093 A.D. The world has changed. The remains of humanity are struggling for survival in a harsh world. Humans did not want to listen and destroyed the environment of our planet, but once somebody said "Everything happens with a reason." and so it went ... 

There was a little Toad once and he found this barrel full of nuclear energy drink and he drank. With the changes going on in his body and brain he started to rally the frogs and toads to rise. To rise above the last humans, to rise above their purpose and to learn to travel the world without fear of cars. Quak!


I had a lot of fun with Aradia's Toad King, sculpted by Allan Carrasco. Somehow I wanted to convert him and so I did. This project took quite a while as it was a private project and beside comissions and other priorities it needed the time it was meant to need, but overall I had so much fun with the overall composition of the base and the story behind it that I was smiling in my heart everytime I sat down to work on it.

Quak! Frogs X-ing
Conversion of Toad King, Aradia Miniatures

more photos on Putty&Paint

In the last photos you can see WIPs of the conversion work on the Toad and a WIP of the basework. I hope you like the project. Many articles about this project are already in preparation to hit MV. Quak! No more frogs and toads for me anymore, quak! No more frogs, really? Check this awesome video:

Bullfrogs in slow motion from Michael N Sutton on Vimeo.

Keep on happy painting!


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