Freebooter, 1697

by Oli aka HonourGuard

Hello readers,  

in the last months I didn't show anything here on Massive Voodoo. I think it is time to change that now and so I want to start show some of my latest works.

About three months ago, there was the Duke of Bavaria, where I had a great weekend in Ingolstadt, as every year. Thanks to the nice painting event, the many crazy people, the fantastic entries in the competition and thanks to my father who travels with me on the most of the painting competitions. Beside that he had to run the half marathon in Ingolstadt, which was on the same weekend, with me :)

I tanked a lot of motivation on that weekend, that sounds good and nice, but I wanted to use this motivation directly in my further painting and not just talking about motivation. Because I always think it is better doing things instead of talking about things. So I decided to buy one special figure on the competition, a figure that really captures my view. And some of you probably know, that I prefer to paint smaller figures, so I thought is time to change that and to paint something bigger too. And I found a figure, a great pirate model from Alexandros Models in 75mm. On the next day, monday morning I started working on this special project, special because I was a little bit scared from changing from 32 to 75mm (in the past I started often in this scale but often I lost the fun in painting and the figure ended up unfinished). As I said before, this should be different and I wanted to finish this miniature in one step. I tried to stay close to the original because I really liked their color scheme. Than I started painting and finished this miniature in ten days. That's pretty unusual too because normally I need months/years before I finish a bought miniature. This is the story behind this figure and here is the finished result now:

What really made me crazy was to paint this freehand on the socket shield, I think I will never again painting freehand skulls, because at the start of painting the freehand the skull looked just like a comic skull and yes.. it didn't look very good. Overall it took me a complete day to realise this shield about 12 hours. The problem that the texture on the shield was very rough too, so it made the painting more difficult. This day was really a bit exhausting, but I think you can guess how happy I was, when I finished it :) It is always the same, the more work and power you invest in things, the more proud you can be about in the end (or at least I am).

I found a picture of the socket shield without and with color. Socket shield was made with plastic card and greenstuff:

I hope you like my version of this great model sculpted from Allan Carrasco. For me this project was something new and unique and so I decided to paint more miniatures in this scale in the future, because those big miniatures look just great in the cabinet. And there are really many nice sculpts out there which I would like to paint in the future.

So that's it for today, let me know what you think about my first real try in historical painting.

Best regards Oliver


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