The Ultimate Paint Rack

by Massive Voodoo

It's finally done - the preparation of our next Indiegogo campaign.

You can find all of the details about the campaign on the campaign page!

Maybe you can remember this post some time ago.

We finally found the solution to perfectly organize and travel with your paints and you can support us to make this real.


We were often struggling with the way we store, manage and travel with our paints. All products and options available at the time were just not what we were looking for.

Some months ago, Raffa decided to build a better paint rack than ever before! Something that fulfilled all the requirements he had. When the first really rough prototype was finished, we both could see the potential for something that a lot of other painters would love to have. Thankfully our friends confirmed this thought.

Almost everyone owns a ton of colors, good daylight lamps, nice miniatures and the best brushes in the world. Why should you settle with anything less than the Ultimate Paint Rack?

So, check out the campaign and see for yourself if you like to have one of these for your painting table!


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