Forged Hope Contest Update - Trophies

by Massive Voodoo

We really want to push everyone to create some cool entries for the Forged Hope Program.

And what could be more motivating than a nice trophy for the first three winners?
(actually we have some things in mind, like fun, beeing creative, realizing your own ideas ... but a trophy has some nice symbolic value)

We didn't want to give out our usual Massive Voodoo medal for this contest, so Raffa has designed a very special one, just for this occasion.

This trophy was 3D printed with the help of Hatton's and Kev Welsh, the head behind Corehammer. We will receive the print soon and as soon as the trophys are completely prepared we will again show photos of the real thing.

The overall height of it will be around 10cm.

May you forge until the settlement is ready for the future!
Keep on happy forging!


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