Kong's WIP-thoughs - July #02

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle Painters,

today let's have a look on my workbench via some WIP-insights.
The last of my WIP-thoughts can be found here.

Well, first of all I have to say I was pretty busy with getting all the stuff ready for my upcoming basing class this first weekend of August. Hell yeah, I am looking forward to it so much and I am really more than corious to see how my thoughts might hopefully help the participants to create their own bases with more fun.

Second, I can say that I am still reading like a madmen and for 6~7 months I am now stuck to ancient Roman literature. That is pretty weird as I usually switch themes of my readings, but Rome got me totally. My bookshelf in the studio is close to burst as one book after the other get sucked into my soul.

It might be the right time to do another ancient related bust or figure soon, so I decided to pick up a long timer. A greek celt from Pegaso Models in 90 mm whom I started a long time ago. Now I am sitting down to finish this big monster.

I am preparing a really interesting article on how to paint yet another cool Hasslefree model with just using five different colours, which is really a lot of fun.

One thing I have to mention is my workspace organisation: I was pretty focused on using my old colour carrying box for my colours but the Ultimate Paintrack convinced me so much that I said goodbye to a long time love.

I wanted my version of the Ultimate Paintrack black so I painted it black with a big brush and black colour. Soon I plan to paint the cool Massive Voodoo writing in pure white. I'd like to show you what I am storing there and how I use it. It is not standing in front of me, rather on my left side, which I personally prefer.

As you can see all sorts of my colours do fit in there. It's truly magnificant.

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Another point which is really important in life is to have good friends around you and spent the ultimate happy time together. So I did recently with Raffa and Andi, of the austrian Pumpkin Painters during a Friday painters night. Some impressions will follow:

 The last gummi bear will be soon annhilated.
 Andi doing some focused painting work.
 ... on several projects at once.

Friday night was so nice that we spent Saturday also with painting, even the sun tried to grill us in the studio. Andi was able to finish his greek model this day and went home ultrahappy after a beer together on a local beer feast.
 Thanks for the great time, Andi :)

Well, about the Inuit and the fish: I am waiting on recieving a proper plinth for him before continuing the work on this monster of a bust.

So far from my table,
keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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