MV-Team: Peter

by Massive Voodoo

Name: Peter László Tóth

Nickname: Baphomet aka "Destroyer of Miniatures"

Years of Painting: I started painting display miniatures in 2008 but played tabletop for many years before. So I´m in the hobby for about 14 years now.

Media: acrylics and sometimes oils

Brushes: Windsor&Newton Series 7 (standard, not miniature) a

Airbrush: Yes (Evolution 2in1), but still not skilled like I´d like to be

Scales: everything

Speed: sometimes damned slow but sometimes quite fast (depends on work)

Sculpting: skilled like a Rhino

Favourite Painters: Francesco Farabi, Banshee, Arsies, Crackpot, emuse, Karol Rudyk, Fernado Ruiz


Well, here I am... Peter aka Baphomet.
I actually live in the city of Stuttgart in southern Germany, but lived (and still live in my heart) in Augsburg for many years. In my actual job I´m responsible for a local jobboard and do all the key account management. But this is daily business, let´s talk about minis...

I joined the hobby about 14 years ago. When I ask myself why I did this I just have to look at one of the old Warhammer Fantasy books I call my own. I still like the artworks a lot and back in those years I was so impressed that I asked my parents to buy me one of the starter boxes as a present for Christmas. Just after opening the box I realized that there were just grey plastic and not as beautiful painted as on the back on the box... quite a desaster but I soon started to use the good old Revell colors and a thick brush to give the minis a more "unique" look...

 In the first years my main interest lay only in wargaming. Commanding epic armys and crushing the enemy, hell yeah! In these days painting was just a way to get my armies ready for battle, nothing else, but slowly I invested more and more time into it. Things changed during my time in Augsburg. I started my studies and worked for the local Games Workshop store to get a lot of minis for little money (the only big advantage working there). Besides this I started painting gaming minis as commissions. To earn more money here I tried to improve my skills. Painting got more and more important and gaming less interesting.

Long story short: Once Roman entered the GW-shop and brought some of his minis with him. I was impressed by his way of painting and after we talked for some time he invited me to his place for a painting session. I would call this the beginning of my hobby. It took me a long time to develop the patience for showcase-painting but today I know that it was worth the pain.

The Rising

Today I enjoy painting as a way to get rid of all the daily stuff that keeps my mind busy. Just sitting at my desk, having a glass of wine and start working on a nice project. Unfortunately I don´t have too much time to spend for the hobby. Work keeps me busy and there is not always the mood for the hobby. So I take my time and try to enjoy every moment. Even epic setbacks don´t bother me anymore. I can proudly anounce that there are only a few other painters who have lost more miniatures by accident than me. But for sure, nobody else melted a Pegaso 75mm miniature ;-)

As I´m still sitting at my desk with my brushes it must be the right hobby.

Theseus' Destiny

What is the most important thing in the hobby? 
In my opinion, it´s friendship. During my years in the hobby I met a lot of friends and it feels like being with the family when meeting them again. So to all my friends: Cheers!!!

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