Tabletop Insider News

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle painters,

some of you might know the Tabletop magazine "Tabletop Insider".

The magazine is in german language only and the actual issue features three articles written by some of the Massive Voodoo Team. A big article about "the Last Light" by Roman and two articles of repainted Star Wars X-Wing space ships, "Imperial Shuttle" by Roman and "Slave 1" by Raffa. Vlado from our blogger friends, DieVincis is also present repainting the one and only "Millenium Falcon". 

Check this issue if you live in Germany and enjoy a good read about Tabletop, Hobby articles and more! Tabletop Insider!

Massive Voodoo is able to bring you these two X-Wing articles to the jungle article library in the future days to come. This time in english language.


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