Funkmaster J, 1967

by Roman aka jar

Wuda Cuda Shuda!
A bad soul brother he is indeed, 
the game he plays he plays with ease.
If you lose don't ask no questions why, hustling with grace and no fake.

He rocks the Dancefloors with his Undercover Funk
and he is pure dynamit in love making magic.
He ain't the one yo messing with and his gold chain on his neck 
is just one of many gold chains he gets dressed with, pure superfly he is.
Now do the Hippy Skippy Moon Strut with Funkmaster J and
that night will be your greatest until the sun goes down on the next day.

Well, what is best in Miniature Painting?
Indeed painting Miniatures and having a lot of fun with them. It happened to me with the yet unreleased Forged Monkey bust of Jamal, which hopefully will be released soon. I fell in love with this cool sculpt by Raffa and have so many visions of him. Here is another one I enjoyed after the version of "Juva, 1883".

Funkmaster J, 1967
Conversion of Forged Monkey's Jamal bust

I am really having fun with the conversions on Jamal and I am sure this ain't gonna be the last one of them as fresh ideas for this bust are exploding in my brain every new morning. Following some photos of the conversion work and WIPs. Be sure to read an article about the process via Massive Voodoo's year of the painter in the jungle future.


Hope you like this other version, let's see to the next one.
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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