Forged Hope Contest Update

by Massive Voodoo

Ay Robot-Forgers,

we hope you are pushing your screw-drivers to the ultimate tests these days. Although we are already recieving cool entry after cool entry we are really looking forward to what you all are up to.

Remember the date to enter your Robot that will work for the Forged Hope Program
until 15th of August 2014, 16 GMTThis being said here we go with another update on the Random Prize Pool. Random pool means: everyone who enters has the chance to win one of these cool packages. Last Update was a cool model from Marrow Productions, check it here.

Random Prize #15 is a big basing and color package by our friends from Secret Weapon,
a massive load of really cool stuff! Thanks to Mr. Justin and Secret Weapon!

May the Forge-Father bless your screw-driver and your brush!


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