Oh no...

by Roman aka jar

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First, Music!

Today, while i was saying "hi" to this wonderful day classical music radio was my welcome hymn for the day. I had a stupid idea again, like most of the time when a day starts. Today this idea was epicly stupid. I choose to assort my miniature consumables. I fast learned that this will only be a start with an end never in sight. I will go that way as i was really impressed by Raffa's good sorted materials. I will switch from a box wih small plastic drawer to big clear boxes, while the consumables will be held in little plasitc sacks where i write the content on. I guess i am getting old by doing this finally after 5 years of collecting an horrible amount of little detail things you never look again. Old, yeah... maybe, haha, but when i look at my youthful brave and will to bring this to an end i know getting old is still far away... maybe.

I guess some of you know what i mean. I will sort this stuff and really only keep what i might need in the future. The rest will go into a big plastic box and will be sold on ebay. I need space to breath fresh air :) - Todays plan is organizing the stuff on top, which is actually from 3 drawers... Ahhhh...

After several hours i have decided to make go the radical road, either there would never be a chance to see the light of tomorrow...

Yeah! Done for today... with searching the things i want to hit to ebay and those which i still have to sort (some are already)... oh hell, this is really a stupid idea... still. The fat bags on the upper left will soon hit ebay - i have no idea what is in there, about 7 years of bits from too much things that i can't remember anymore, it is many and maybe intresting to one out there - it is unsorted :)

Keep on happy painting!


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