Tutorial - Using superglue for structure

by Roman aka jar


Yesterday I asked you what this structure above could be.
Definatly interesting answers were dropping in and some did already point in the right direction.
This little article will explain what happened. Before I start please take your time to vote for the next big article ahead. Arkvenger or Zombies? It is up to you until next weeks Monday!


Back to the article. I do not think that this is new to everybody, but I hope some might find inspiration in it. MV's "year of the painter" means for me, that I have my camera at the ready all the time when I make my own experiences at my table.

While I was glueing something with superglue by PK-Pro (High Viscosity) I made a little dot of superglue somewhere and used the toothpick to put it in place for detailed glueing. On another day I realized how this small dot dried out and was amazed: A little vulcano!!!

Or is it an alien's nest!

So amazed by this little piece I gave it a quick second try on the same spot, but I had to wait for it to dry until the next day. I already imagined to make thousand of those pieces to make a wonderous lava landscape. Well, and I wanted to check if it dries the same twice.

I want more Vulcanos!!!

While I had to wait I realized another wood piece on my table where the same happened before but to a larger area and I quickly realized: Small dots will bring you "volcanos", maybe, but bigger areas bring you the looks of wrinkled brain or a cool alien structure. With this thought in mind I did put much more superglue on the wood piece - around the initial brain pattern, a lake of thick superglue.

After a little while I checked back on how the drying process is doing. I already could see it start at the edges. Maybe this will become an ultrabig vulcano. Please! Please!

Well I went on with my usual work and let that piece stand beside to try. Maybe you are asking why the piece of wood is green on top - here comes the answer: This is a piece I did put some figures on top to prime and paint them. The last figure was done with a green start from the airbrush, that is why you find green on top of that wood piece. After five hours or so I checked back and it looked like this:

No ultrabig vulcano, but a hell of a structure...

Now I was really able to see it dry with my own eyes. Don't get too close, it smells horribly and burns your nose hair, but it was great to look at from safe distance.

As night turned late this painting day I had to leave that experiment and went home for a bag of sleep. Next day I found it completly dried and was really amazed by the structure. With this base especially I will definatly work on to make some Sci-Fi base with alien slime on it, using this structure. I will also try to make a thousand vulcanos and get control of the random effect in small dots. I even think this experiment offers even more, only one thing for example: A stamp for sculpting putty ... oh well, too much ideas exploding in my head! What happens If I do two lakes opposite to eachother? Will it look like the ocean is splitting and I can put Moses there?? Can this be used to create small roots around a tree or a massive brain monster? Some brain splatters on a warriors shield??

I will definatly leave you alone with this inspiration. Let me know what you think, even some of you might know this effect as a side product of your work. I am sure there is a lot of use for it available.
I am not sure if this works with every superglue available as they are produced with different mxtures. Give it a try. Make your own experience as this is the most important of all.

See you in the future, small vulcano monster!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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