Jason - A little experiment

by Raffa

Goooood day to everyone!

For some time now, as you may know, we have a trainee in our studio, the charming and talented Sanne. At least once a week (usually on tuesday) she is with us in the studio and she works on her figure projects. Her first project was painting a zombie figure and her second project was sculpting a bust. She is very accurate when doing stuff and really tries to do her best to learn and improve.

As we really want to show her as many facettes of the industry and the hobby we decided to take her bust sculpting project a bit further.

So what is the usual process of a sculpt when you don't do it just for yourself or as a hobby?

She finished sculpting the bust a while ago and I showed her how to prepare it for casting.
Next step is sending it to a caster (we won't do this ourselfes as we want high quality casts) who does a specific number of casts. The casts get sent back to us and we need to find a painter for the promotional paintjob (shouldn't be a big deal ;-) and then you could theoretically advertise and sell the bust.

So, as she doesn't own a "real" company (by now) we will do a little experiment.

But before writing the next senteces I want to show you some photos I took of the bust:

So, this is Jason! Yes, I know.... a very unusual bust, not the typical fantasy barbarian chick with big breasts and tiny armor.... but I think it is something very interesting to paint and it's for sure pretty well sculpted!

So, the experiment is that we will ask here on the blog who is interested in a "preorder" of this bust so casting will be "self payed" and Sanne can have a resin copy to really see the whole progress of such a project.

You can preorder this bust (size is around 4cm width, 5cm height so he's pretty big) for the price of just 12 € + shipping (2,40 € Germany / 3,45 € international).

If you want to preorder, write a mail to:
with the subject "JASON preorder" including your adress and PayPal adress.

The preorder time window will be two weeks from now... you can order until the 23-february-2014
Whe will notify all people who preordered at the end of the time window with information about the delivery date and will send out invoices for payment.

If you have any further questions, feel free to put them in the comment section of this post!

I hope you take part in this little experiment and show Sanne that not only typical big titted fantasy girl busts can have a little success ;)

Best wishes,


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