MV Figure-Art Artbook Information

by Roman aka jar


many people are still asking us where they can get our Figure-Art Artbook as they missed our 2012's Indigogo Campaign or would like to have an additional book. Here comes the answer.

A limited number of books is still left for sale and we did sent many to some distributors in Germany and France so far. Now follows a list of the resellers that got the book in stock. You choose your destination and I am sure in each of the stores you are able not only to get this community-praised Artbook, but even more material for your hobby joy.

Get your copy of the Figure-Art Artbook at:

PK-Pro (Germany, ships worldwide)

Frank-Miniatures (Germany, ships worldwide)

Battlefield-Berlin (Germany, ships worldwide)

Minisocles (France, ships worldwide)

Cool Mini or Not (USA, ships worldwide)

If you are a distibutor too and want to get some copies of the book to sell in your store please contact: "jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com" for further information.



"Received my book today. I just chime in saying you’ve done a tremendous work. Thank you."

Peter Fulop

"Got mine yesterday (Poland). Fantastic work, the artbook is filled with wonderful pictures of your fantastic works, it looks very professional and what’s more, it feels very personal with your descriptions of the works presented in it. Congratulations again and keep up the great work your’re doing, thanks to people like you this hobby is becoming more popular and makes more people happy." Wojciech Tekielski

"Hands down the best damn art book I own period. You will thumb through this for hours. If you read the Massive Voodoo blog almost everyday, as I do, and do not have a copy of this gorgeous tome, you are denying yourself a real treat. Many of you are thinking "I can see the images on the blog, or I can see them on another website..." Clear your mind of this nonsense. If you study the pages in this book, which are beautiful - you will learn something new about art, miniatures, color, light, Roman, Raffa, or maybe more about yourself (I cannot guaranty the last one). If you do not buy one now, fine, maybe I will sell you mine for $500 on ebay when they are all gone. (Ha ha) Seriously, order one before they're gone." Trevor Thomas

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You already own one of our Figure-Art Artbooks?
Let us know your oppinion of it via comment or link up your review!

Content describtion:

In this book, Raffaele Picca and Roman Lappat showcase a selection of 144 figure projects covering a wide variety of themes . Ranging from wild, fantasy creatures and detailed dioramas to captivating busts and dark science fiction scenes, all kinds of fantastic ideas are captured in a small scale. Come with us on a journey to places where only an imagination can take you...




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