“The Nightwatch”

by Roman aka jar

The Nightwatch

"When night turns day to darkness, 
ancient evil creeps out of long forgotten dungeons,
willing to wipe away the living,
but fear not, the company around Rodar, the druid and Josephus, the monk
are standing watch to protect the fearful and fight the lurkers of hell."

Wow ... this one took me ages.

Exactly around 2,5 years of motivational ups and downs but during the last months I sat down to finish it to proper result (I hope). All figures, excluding the dog and the mice are from the company Red Box Games. I so much love them as for me these are really great fantasy adventurers with tons of character.

The base was scratchbuild from Hirst-Art parts
, some ... wait I won't tell you here. There will be a full step by step of this project. All hail to MV's year of the painter!

The first title of the project was "The Gang is all here", but to the end it came very clear that I want to honour a great painting by Rembrandt van Rijn, called "the Nightwatch" with it. I have seen this particular painting a lot during my painting classes as I explain some things on it during the class. During my studies some years ago I also wrote several works where I had to analyse different aspects of this painting and I so much love the composition and the drama of the light. I know it is not the exact same situation in my little diorama, but I felt it there somehow.

The last photo shows the project during the last steps of work on my workbench, while was painting the plinth black, a good moment after such a long time. Now no more talk by me ... done.

"The Nightwatch"
Red Box Games, 28 mm

I hope you like it? You can also find the project on Putty&Paint.
Let me know what you think of it ... and I head for another painting class for the weekend!

Keep on happy painting all around the globe!
Best Wishes


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