Sakaika!! Surslaika!!

by Roman aka jar

Aloa jungle traveller,

do you see that dot high up in the sky?
Is it a plane?
A X-Wing perhaps?
A bird?

No, it's a yellow pa-pa-parachute and it just drops in front of your feet. It holds a letter that says important MV information and it reads the following:

The upcoming weekend we have a small but fine gathering of fine people coming together in Augsburg, Germany - Raffa and my hometown, place of the MV headquarters. We are expecting many MV members like Mati, Max, Bene, Valerie, Phil, Sanne and some good friends getting together for a sculpting class hold by spectacular sculptor Pedro Fernandez.

I am so much looking forward to these days, full of friendship, party and learning. Even I plan to do a proper start to learn sculpting seriously, finally. Well, that also means that the next couple of days are pretty busy with getting people from the airports, train stations, organisation and also the birthday party of my godchildren in between. You will definatly read a review on this weekend when the time is right.

Meanwhile, Raffa, Peter and I are still enjoying to play the Alpha of the game DayZ.
It is just so cool as you never expect what happens.  There is just one goal in that game: Survive!
When you die in that game you have to start from the total beginning. Just one life for everybody! You have to eat, drink, take care what you eat and encounter other survivors and zombies for sure.

 Lately I had a cool character equipped with good stuff, ready to see proper adventure ahead of him and logged in the game. Minutes later I fell of a ladder and while in the air I thought: "Well, it's not that high, I will break my legs maybe ..."


You are dead!

Black Screen!

Yay! :D

That is DayZ - wonderful!

That game is really, really funny and it is so cool to see it grow every week. Just have a look on that video and you see the brutal reality of being a lonely survivor can be if you try for virtual high fives:

Well, also a great video that feels like DayZ, even it is not from the game ...

Yay, just too cool! I will soon definatly start to build a true epic DayZ base, already got it in my mind.
Maybe I see you around in the wide countryside for a high five too!
See ya!

And don't forget March 11th ... KUKA is from our hometown! Yay! Screaming out da Hood Pride!!


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