Da Workshop-Ladies, Wonderland Sharks and your Vote!!

by Roman aka jar


during painting class after painting class I am also able to work on some demonettes from GW for explanations during the clas. I am collecting them, even they are not finished yet. I just glue them to a plinth, even they are incomplete, but the latest experience showed me that this is a good thing for the students during the class to check back for light situation or see what colour they might use and which colour fits to their bases. Welcome da eight ladies (one is beheaded):

Time to start a new plinth, isn't it?


Another spotlight I want to point out is the recent Indigogo-Campaign from our friends on Wonderlands Projects. Seven days are left to that one and the figure is definatly pretty unique: A shark warrior! How cool is that?

Copyright by Wonderlands Project

As the campaign is running to its end there are already first sculpting photos available. The Great White one grows from putty. So this is your chance to get a copy of this one and not only the shark. The campaign also offers options to get hold of every sculpt available on Wonderlands Project, like Sgt. Corwinn or Archdemon Barbatos to just name some of my favourites ones from the team.

                                                                                         Copyright by Wonderlands Project

Well, you can make the difference and help that project to be realised - here is the link again to the Indigogo Campaign. Let's make it happen!


And it is Article voting time again.
I told you of the "year of the painter" on MV where there are more painting articles to come. You decide the next one up to the blog again via comment. Choose wisely and see the voting end on Monday after my next painting class. One week to vote on this one! Would you like to see ...

My thoughts and progress behind some Zombicide Figures ...

                                                                                                   For Zombies vote "Zombies" in the comments!

or ...
A step by step article through the journey I made while finishing the Arkvenger from Pegaso Models, back in 2011 ...
                                                                                                                   For Arkvenger vote "Arkvenger" in the comments!

Please don't vote for "Arkvenger Zombies"! Your turn!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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