Dwarf and Arrows - Tutorial voting time again!

by Roman aka jar


Raffa, Sanne, myself and maybe Bene got some busy days ahead as we are moving the studio to a little larger place next door and with that we'll do a big spring clean up. More about that soon for sure!

Meanwhile MV's year of the painter brings another tutorial choice for you all.
Voting lasts until Monday next week - make your choice wisely via comment!

This article explains how you can attach Bowstrings to your figures, what you have to take care of; explained on some figures from "the Nightwatch".

For Bowstrings vote "Arrow" in the comments

This article explains and shows a painting strategy on quick display figures. All explained on a nice Dwarf from Hasslefree. You can say this one is a little build up to the Zombie-Article. This time not for quick gaming figures, but for a quick display project.

For the Dwarf vote "Dwarf" in the comments

Your turn now, vote the article that you want to read early next week!
Don't vote for "dwarf arrow", that won't work and they don't hurt!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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