Private Coaching with Roman from Russia

by Roman aka jar

Hey ho fellow painters,

I told you about the private coaching Raffa and I had with a visitor from really far away.

, from Russia arrived some weeks ago in our hometown to be picked up and caged in our studio to learn, paint and learn more and paint more for two full days of private coaching. We feel very honoured to see painters take so big distances to get some lessons from us. I can't find words for that at all.

Roman in full concentration mode

Roman wrote me an email that he is interested in private coaching and after this mail 31 mails  followed to plan and organise the whole thing. I had an intense look on photos of Roman's figures first to see where he is at with his painting level, we talked about choosing topics for the two day session and the personal list of Roman turned out to look like this:

Technical check + Improvement
- Brushwork
- Dillution of Colour
- Blending Technique check
- Introducing Wet Blending

- Explanation of zenithal light in theory and practical exercise
- Explanation of Object Source light in theory and practical exercise

- Colour variations to make areas more interesting
- Detail work, detail light and detail effects to finish off a figure

Well, that is a lot on the list and some interesting two days in front of us. We managed to clean up all the painting places we got at the studio to make Roman feel comfortable and I for my part prepared two figures: One to paint exactly the colours our student will take and one for explanation of Wet and Wet painting on a figure. During the class I build up a base to show this technique on it, too. Raffa prepared his DayZ figure and we all started with priming the figures ...

Well, we really had a great time in those two days. Sanne, our trainee was there to join us on the first day too to sculpt and it was a really cool gathering. We painted like madmen, hours passed, chatted about so many different things we had a laugh on, I even learned one sentence in russian, hehe ... the only thing I was missing was dancing on the tables after a late night beer - we were in need of them for painting :)

Roman was so kind to write some words from his eyes about his experience he made with our private coaching. I will now quote Roman from now on, but bring in some photos in between with my explanations on top. Don't get confused now, two Romans in one blogpost ...

________________________________Quote starts here__________________________________

"Hello guys,

finally I found some free time to write couple of words, when I'm not falling asleep after work and not painting after midnight.

So, I think first topic would be , why I decided to go so far away from Russia (about 2500 km) to visit Massive Voodoo and take a private coaching?

Table is ready for private coaching ... figures prepared to teach on.

I wanna say, that I really like MV blog , because of great works of Roman and Raffa and especially great tutorials, that helps me very often. It was important that Roman and Raffa have a rich experience of teaching and coaching people how to paint miniatures.

So few month ago I felt that i needed to boost up my painting skills (especially with normal brush, cause more than a year i spent to master airbrush at a good level ) and I have a lot of questions that need to be answered. I thought about coaching some time and decide "because why f#cking not" and just wrote Roman a message.

With Roman & Raffa we made a plan what we are going to do at coaching and after 3 months I came to Augsburg, Germany. Coaching was planned for 4th and 5th of february, so I arrived february third, and had some time to rest and to walk around the town.
Guys met me near my hotel and take me to the studio. The atmosphere inside was incredible, a lot of painted and WIP mini's and diorams, self-painted pictures on the walls, and a lot of stuff that greets you in the world of happy painting.

So after 3"R" team clarified all details of our work for those two days we started.
More than 23 hours of painting flew by in the blink of an eye, lightning , glazing, blending, wet blending, colour choises, basing, joking about Soviet Яussia and other things.

A strange sculpture shows up on our studio table ...

And after two weeks passed I can say that was just wonderful in all apects. I really love result of my labours, attitude of R&R to their work and their students.

a gentle start into our coaching ...

Roman and Raffa are not just great miniature painters, their also very good and friendly people I think.
I dont want to tell you about all the things we did, when we painted DE Sorceress.

I just wanna Thank Roman and Raffa for these two days (during which I feel like party of a massive voodoo team) for knowledge and secrets they taught me, for very happy painting time.

I'm glad that I was able to meet and work with these masters, they not just boost up my painting level, but changed alot my "miniature vision".

Roman's final result of the two days coaching. Topics achieved I would say:

So if you want to take a private coaching in MV studio, do not hesitate , it's worth every cent you pay!
And...Last Light just a craaaazy thing.


_______________________________________quote ends here________________________________

Well, Roman - we also have to thank you for being so brave to travel such a distance without knowing what will be in front of you. Thanks for your trust and will do to so. The time flew by right, but it is always with time well spent in good company. It goes much faster than boring days. Thanks for the cool time we had and we are happy that you learnt what you wanted to learn. Man!! We failed in doing a photo all together, so I am sure this was a sign of the gods and we will meet again.

We hope that happy painting will follow your path whereever your journeys of figure painting takes you!

Thanks for the russian music link, #1 and #2 ... very cool!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes
Roman & Raffa

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